Davis Index: Market Intelligence for the Global Metals and Recycled Materials Markets

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We provide the manufacturing supply chain with price benchmarks for recycled materials, base metals, steel, stainless steel and alloys along with market intelligence, news and analysis.

Industry benchmarks

Davis Index provides price benchmarks for base metals, recycled metal, steel and secondary alloys that are not listed on exchanges but drive global trade. We produce more than 1,400 proprietary price indexes and carry metals futures prices and other reference data.

Accuracy leaders
Every index is trade normalized and weighted. Only indexes. No assessments.
Domestic lens
75 cities indexed in US, Canada, Mexico, India, UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Japan, Turkey.
Tech driven
Get our data through our customizable web platform, mobile apps, and APIs that can feed your ERPs.
Industrial services
Set up, execute and email vendor contracts from our platform. Data accuracy means better margins.
Exim experts

Daily bulk and container indexes. Every major fas and cfr port indexed for ferrous and non-ferrous. 

Resource saver
Use tools inside Davis Index to calculate spreads, price material, trade materials, and visualize/analyze data.

The only service you will ever need

With comprehensive coverage of every major metal grade, in every major market, you won’t need another service. Ever.

Data collection

The indexing process is based on surveys of market participants such as producers, consumers, traders, and brokers.

Davis analysts communicate with market participants to gather market data from them. Data from these sources are only used after factoring in source credibility, providing accurate information, role within the company, and reputation.

Davis calls on all market participants to submit data that applies to its indexes. The more inputs an index receives, the more robust it becomes. Therefore, Davis will continuously strive to expand its sources.

Data criteria

For information to be included in an index’s calculation, it must meet specific criteria detailed in our methodology.

This includes an industry specification for each material, a minimum deal size, delivery period, payment period and other factors that establish a basis for each index.

Examples of data collected:


Data verification

Davis analysts are given rigorous training to analyze the data gathered and received.

Analysts are taught to determine whether the data qualifies for use in an index or requires more inquiry.

For qualified data, analysts then apply index methodology to determine whether each data point is relevant to the index and should be utilized in the final calculation of that index.

Every index is reviewed and evaluated by a manager prior to its publication. Market commentaries that accompany industry benchmarks include rationales that explain the index’s movement.

Materials we cover

Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Ferrous, Electronics, Lead, Stainless steel, Zinc
Iron ore, Basic pig iron (BPI), Nodular pig iron (NPI)
Hot briquetted iron (HBI), Sponge Iron, Direct reduced iron (DRI)

Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Lead, Zinc

Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Zinc
Billet, Ingot, Rebar, hot rolled coil (HRC), hot dip galvanized (HGD)
Bulk, Containers

Types of customers

Davis Index’s proprietary indexes and price benchmarks are used by a complete cross-section of the industry.


Use index data in sales contracts of the recycled material generated during the making of any metal-intensive product: from fencing to cars, and from hammers to airplanes.


Governments use price index data for duty and contract benchmarking. Analysts use data for margin, spread and trend analysis. And monitor daily news.

Mills, smelters

To enter supply contracts with their raw material suppliers and/or end consumers, such as die-casters and auto OEMs.

Exporters, Importers, Traders

To track markets daily and to lock in the margin using supply/sale contracts on monthly average price benchmarking.

Customers reviews

Hundreds of our customers have waited a very long time for accurate price benchmarks and accessible technology. And they love us!

I have been following Davis Index for several years and have found the news and data to be extremely accurate and timely. The Knowledge I gain by thoroughly reading and digesting the data is invaluable as I buy and sell scrap. I've compared data from other sources and find that Davis Index data is much more thorough and transparent. I appreciate the presentation form and plan on analyzing their data for many years to come.

US Steel Mill

As far as price reporting agencies go, we value the Davies Index coverage of this and other regions the most. We follow their daily indexes and find them to be the most accurate reflection of the market. You are the most developed in scrap market intelligence

European Scrap company

It has been ten, maybe 20 or even more years since real, accurate market prices for Hamilton and Quebec were published. It was the same for Detroit, Texas, California...I could go on and on. I cannot thank Davis Index enough for finally bringing us accurate price coverage. This and the daily bulk and container export price indexes have been a very big help to us. Thank you! The LME and Comex data feeds have been great since they're also delivered on mobile. What a big help that is.

Canadian Steel mill
Senior Management

We have tracked and used Davis Index data ever since their launch and can share that they are the most accurate of all publications, by a distance. We use their data frequently to inform our purchasing/sales decisions and will support any contract that uses their data.

Global Trading Index

Davis Index has been a significant development for our region. The information, analysis, reports, and prices indexes from Davies Index are all class! Keep growing! All the best!

Indian Steel Mill

Davis Index has been a significant development for our region. The information, analysis, reports, and prices indexes from Davies Index are all class! Keep growing! All the best!

Bangladesh steel mill

Davis Index is the market leader for scrap price indexes and the service that we follow and utilize. It is the benchmark for our region and also the benchmark we use for Turkey.

Turkish steel mill

We fully appreciate the trustworthy coverage by Davis Index. The information is very useful. Everybody should consider the Davis Index as their indices for contracts.

Global steel stainless producer

Some of our customers

Hundreds of our customers have waited a very long time for accurate price benchmarks and accessible technology. And they love us! Davis Index is a tech-led proprietary market data and analysis provider for the metals manufacturing supply chain.

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