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Ensuring Al circularity through technology: Sortera

How can new sorting technologies solve some of the problems in the aluminum recycling industry? In the second of this three-part series, Ben Pope, makes a case for innovation in the sorting process for recycled aluminum

GSCC: Stressing the ‘S’ in ESG: Recycling Today

Information on environmental performance is becoming key for companies, as all stakeholders, including employees, customers and financing sources, want to know a company’s environmental impact and climate transition plan.   For example, the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards are part of the European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive to address climate change and environmental degradation […]

…And the South Rises: Recycling Today

From new non-ferrous and ferrous projects and yards to expansion of existing facilities, Southern US is becoming a preferred destination for steel and other metal companies. Radhika Ojha, Senior Editor at Davis Index, explains why the region is a hotspot for the metals industry.   Nearshoring, ease of business and a logistics advantage are just […]

Managing risk and formula business: Matt Kripke

Matt Kripke, chief executive officer, Kripke Enterprises, delineated the workings of the formula contract business in the metals trading industry during a recent webinar. Here’s what he discussed.   The formula or contract business is a means of doing business in the metals and recycled materials industry wherein a buyer and seller agree to a […]

… And the South rises: Recycling Today

What makes the southern region of the U.S. such a hot spot for the ferrous and nonferrous metals industries? Radhika Ojha, Senior Editor at Davis Index seeks an answer in this cover story that first appeared in the Recycling Today magazine.

Waste is an asset, not a problem: Rania Sebastian

Rania Sebastian, managing director, RA Scrap Trading, UAE spoke with Shilpika Bajpai about her professional journey, near and long-term plans, and a sustainable future for UAE, in our series on Women Leaders in the Recycling Industry.

The South Asian flip-flop

From letters of credit challenges and weak economic indicators to encouraging trade finance prospects and promising demand, the South Asian ferrous scrap market has witnessed a rollercoaster ride the first half of this year.

A cultural change: Recycling Today

The Latin American recycling industry is poised for growth. Still, a change in how public policies view the circular economy and unfair competition is needed, writes Davis Index’s Latin America analyst, Alfonso Garcia, in this article for Recycling Today.

China has post-COVID stress disorder: Shapiro

Three years of lockdowns forced the Chinese to be literally prisoners in their own homes. The only time they could go out was with special permission, and you had to be tested every few days. Most people were out of work. If you bought a new home, you had to prepay for it, and then […]