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Waiting days at LME-approved ISTIM aluminium warehouse in Port Klang, Malaysia rose to 33 days in December after warrants for 57,775mt aluminium was cancelled.


ISTIM’s aluminium warehouse in Port Klang has been facing long queue times since January 2019, according to LME warehouse company’s stocks and queue data. The queue time in November was 11 days, while there was no waiting time in December 2018.


In December 2019, 11,620mt of primary aluminium was delivered to ISTIM’s warehouse at Port Klang, while 26,050mt was delivered out. The warehouse stocked 276,220mt at the end of the month. The same warehouse received 130,450mt of primary aluminium in November and delivered out 23,775mt with 290,650mt of stocks at the end of the month.


Total primary aluminium stocks in LME warehouses added up to 1.95mn mt in December, of which ISTIM’s Port Klang stocks constituted 25pc. The total primary aluminium stocks in Malaysia’s LME warehouses at Johor and Port Klang added up to 480,813mt, of which ISTIM’s Port Klang stocks constituted 48pc. It was the only LME warehouse with a queue at the end of 2019. 

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