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Algeria’s Minister of Industry Mohamed Bacha is seeking to sell the ETRHB Haddad-Danieli steel complex near Annaba. 


Bacha told the local media that the complex, which was set up by ETRHB Haddad and Italy’s Danieli, and its financing belong to the Algerian state and it is for the government to find the best resolution from the complex to benefit the Algerian people.  


In 2017, the Algerian government signed an agreement with ETRHB Haddad-Danieli and allocated financing valued at $400mn to the steel and rolling mill. The site covers 167 acres and has been mortgaged by a local bank via court decision. 


The complex was officially launched on May 2018 with the initial installation of Danieli equipment valued at $80mn. However, most of the equipment has been exposed to salt air at the Annaba and Sikda ports since 2019 when the investment was stopped by a court decision against its owner Ali Haddad. The foundation for the site is estimated at 85pc completion. 


Bacha is requesting foreign investments to complete the project as total costs will now exceed $400mn. He noted the comparative advantages in gas, electricity, and employment in the country. Additionally, the contract includes the installation of the iron and steel equipment with Danieli’s supplier guarantee. 


The project’s building stage was expected to employ 600 people initially and eventually increase the workfand increase to 2,000 upon final phase and produce 500,000-1mn mt of steel with a focus on long construction finished steel goods. 

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