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Alta Zinc has temporarily shut down operations at its Gorno mine project in Lombardy, Italy after restrictions were placed in the country due to spread of the COVID-19 virus. 


The mineral exploration and development company said on Friday, that areas surrounding and including the Gorno mine have not been directly impacted by the virus and have fallen outside of the restrictive zones set by Italian authorities. 


However, the Italian government has now ordered that restrictions placed apply to the whole country, as a means to control the spread and severity of the virus. The restrictions remain in force until April 3 but may be extended unless the infection rate in Italy shows signs of reducing.


Private and public businesses are instructed to avoid any unnecessary movement of people and limit direct interaction with workers wherever possible, per restrictions. According to media reports, Alta has stopped drilling, along with ceasing any direct activity at its site, including travel into and out of the Gorno mine project location. 


Alta’s geology team plans to use the down time for a desktop analysis of recent drilling, based on historical data from the full project area. The goal is to gain more understanding to increase the success of the project. The permitting group will continue working in partnership with regulators, according to media sources.

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