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Argentina’s mining, metals, and auto parts exports declined in March compared to the same month last year due to a reduction in sales volume, according to the Argentina Statistics Agency (Idec).


Mining exports fell by 40.5pc to $203mn in March, while metals and manufactures shipments fell by 6pc to $100mn. The shipments for auto parts decreased by 36.5pc to $402mn, according to the latest Idec data.


In the first quarter of the year, mining exports from Argentina fell by 24.7pc to $714mn while metals and manufactures shipments declined by 12.5pc to $344mn, Idec noted.



The agency also pointed out that the costs of the non-metallic mineral products increased by 66.9pc in March compared to the same month last year, while costs of metals and manufactures products increased by 55.4pc. The cost of iron ore increased by 0.1pc in March, compared to Februar, in the greater Buenos Aires area, while, the cost of metal products for sanitary and electrical installation increased by 0.3pc in the same period.

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