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Australian Anti-Dumping Commission has decided to continue anti-dumping (AD) and countervailing (CVD) measures applicable on aluminium extrusions exported into Australia from China.


The commission had initiated a second sunset review on aluminum profiles exported from China in February on submission of review application by Australian manufacturer Capral Limited. The final ruling was announced on Oct 16 and will be applicable from Oct 28. The AD and CVD duties are applicable on goods involving HS code 760410 0006, 7604210007, 7604210008, 7604290009, 7604290010, 7608100009, 7608200010, 7610100012, and 7610900013. 


Australian AD & CVD rates on aluminium extrusion exports from China
Effective interim
CVD and AD
Duty Method
Goomax Metal Co Ltd
-6.00%1.00%1.00%Floor price duty method
Guangdong Jinxiecheng Al  Manufacturing-4.40%0.00%0.00%Floor price duty method
Foshan City Sanshui Yongya  Aluminium-13.80%0.00%0.00%Floor price duty method
Tai Shan City Kam Kiu Aluminium Extrusion22.30%6.40%25.60%Fixed tax rate + variable tax rate method
PanAsia Aluminium70.00%0.40%70.30%Fixed tax rate + variable tax rate method
Residual exporters11.10%0.70%11.50%Fixed tax rate + variable tax rate method
Uncooperative and others71.90%9.90%77.40%Fixed tax rate + variable tax rate method


The AD and CVD duty will be determined under two Customs Tariff AD Acts by the floor price duty method and a combination of fixed and variable duty method. Three exporters Goomax Metal Company, Fujian; Guangdong Jinxiecheng Al Manufacturing and Foshan City Sanshui Yongya Aluminium will pay duties based on the floor price duty method, while for all other exporters including Tai Shan City Kam Kiu Aluminium Extrusion and PanAsia Aluminium, a combination of fixed and variable duty method will be applicable.


Two Chinese exporters Guangdong Jiangsheng Aluminium and Guangdong Zhongya Aluminium are not covered by this review as the duties are not relevant to extrusions exported by these companies. 


Australia first levied AD and CVD on aluminum profiles exports from China in October 2010, which was reviewed and continued in October 2015. 



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