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Australia’s anti-dumping commission initiated an inquiry into its anti-dumping and countervailing duties levied on aluminium extrusion imported China. 


The probe has been initiated after Australian aluminium manufacturer and distributor Capral made an application in Jan 2020 to revise duties slapped on Chinese producers.  


In March 2019, the Australian government issued a notice announcing duties on aluminium extrusion from China. 


The notice levied dumping margins of 35.7pc on Taishan City Kam Kiu Aluminium Extrusion; 55.2pc on PanAsia Aluminium (China); 15.8pc on Guangdong Jinxiecheng Al Manufacturing; 20.1pc on Foshan Shunde Bejijiao Jiawei Aluminium; 42.3pc on Goomax Metal; 29.1pc on residual imports; and 95.9pc on all other imports.


Australia’s anti-dumping review panel (ADRP) then received multiple applications to review these duties. 


After the completion of the review in Sep 2019, the duty levied on Kam Kiu was reduced to 13pc and that on PanAsia to 50.2pc.

Capral, however, in an application filed in Jan 2020 stated they experienced a material injury in the financial year 2018/19 from significant dumping by China and the Chinese aluminium exports rose by 45pc since 2015.


Countervailing duty on China’s Foshan Lvqiang Metal

The March 2019 notice by the commission levied 29.1pc on residual exporters, including new exporters. 

Contesting this rate, Chinese producer Foshan Lvqiang Metal, hoping to export aluminium extrusion in Australia had sought an accelerated review. 

Including the duties levied by the Australian government, Foshan’s common extrusion export prices are 90pc higher than the LME aluminium prices. 

These unreasonable prices along with a lack of subsidy from the Chinese government for small private mills made exports an nonviable option for Foshan, the producer claimed in an application.

The commission, after the conclusion of its accelerated review, revised its cash deposit to 12pc countervailing duty on Foshan.


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