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Colorado-based aluminum packaging and aerospace manufacturer Ball Corporation aims to increase its use of recycled aluminum from used beverage cans (UBCs) to 85pc by 2030 from 69pc at present.


In its 2030 sustainability goals, the company has shared plans to use 100pc of its energy from renewable sources and become carbon neutral by 2050. By working with retailers and other packaging companies such as Novelis and structural aluminum companies like GHI, Ball will also partake in the ‘Toward a Perfect Circle’ vision, which sees the aluminum industry in the US surpass a 90pc recycled rate. 


Ball also highlighted how UBCs are one of the most infinitely recyclable grades in aluminum scrap since it can possibly put a new aluminum can on a shelf in as little as 60 days, from an old, remelted scrap UBC. 


Both Felipe Baruque, vice president, global procurement at Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Steve Fisher, chief executive officer of Novelis, acknowledged that they are working in coordination will Ball towards a sustainable future to accelerate recycling rates across aluminum packaging globally. Apart from Crown Holdings, these three companies form a large segment of the market for beverage cans and aerosol packaging. 

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