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Aluminum beverage packaging provider Ball Corp plans to invest $300mn in the construction and operations of a new facility in Pittson, Pennsylvania.


The company did not disclose its estimated aluminum can production volumes or capacity at the new plant but indicated in a media statement on September 2 that it hoped to begin operations by mid-2021.


The multi-line production facility, the 21st such plant in Ball’s portfolio, will create 230 jobs in the region, the global aluminum packaging company noted. 


The setting up of the Pittson plant comes shortly after Ball’s announcement to construct and operate a similar facility in Arizona, which will also become commissioned by 2021. In February, the company had indicated it planned to increase its beverage cans manufacturing capacity by 2021. The two plants in the US are part of this strategy.


Al cans demand rising

The beverage market is reeling under a dearth of aluminum cans as many people prefer this packaging for their household beverages. Shutting down of bars and many restaurants across the US during the COVID-19 pandemic has also resulted in risen consumption of canned beverages.


According to the Aluminum Association, shipments of can stock sent to beverage can makers increased by 7.6pc in May to 313mn lb (141,974mt). Domestic producers shipped 331.2mn lb during the same month to can producers. Market participants told Davis Index in July that all used beverage cans (UBCs)—which are extensively recycled to make new cans—were sold out until August.

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