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The White House has asked automakers in the US to ramp up sales of electric vehicles to 40pc of the total units by 2030, according to media reports.


Automakers, however, state that the pledge will only be useful if the government initiates the promotion of the use of these cars.


Some US automakers have set targets to convert their model lineups to EVs, but no promises have been made on volumes.  Automakers are hoping the government will take some action to help them meet these goals by subsidizing or funding the necessary charging infrastructure.


A potential agreement with automakers could boost Congress’ efforts to expand support for EVs as the government discusses the bipartisan infrastructure bill on spending on charging stations, which is already in the pipeline. The infrastructure bill could spend around $7.5bn to build a nationwide network of EV charging stations.


The administration could also roll out the proposed revisions next week for vehicle emissions standards until 2026.


Earlier this month, Fiat Chrysler-parent company, Stellantis said it was targeting over 40pc of US vehicles to be low emission by 2030, but the company.








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