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Brazil increased its exports from the mining industry by 16.92pc in June to 43.02mn mt from 36.80mn mt in the same month last year, reported the Ministry of Foreign Trade (ISIC).


Of the total mining exports, shipments of iron ore from Brazil increased by 12.19pc to 33.6mn mt from 30.01mn mt last year, making these volumes the highest exported by the country over the past nine months.


copper ore and concentrates’ exports grew by 3.75pc to 98,342mt last month from 94,789mt in June 2020. However, aluminum ore and concentrate shipments from the South American country declined by 34.5pc to 283,932mt from 433,489mt during the same annual period under comparison.


In June, ferrous scrap exports also dropped by 40.53pc to 45,641mt from 76,741mt compared to the same month of 2020, while non-ferrous base metals and scrap metal sales fell by 55.37pc to 3,223mt from 7,223mt in the same timeframe.


Exports of aluminum products decreased by 5.46pc in June to 24,237mt from 25,637mt in June 2020 while copper shipments reduced by 25.16pc to 6,252mt from 8,254mt. In contrast, steel or iron wire rose by 1.45pc to 4,717mt from 4,650mt.


The exports of primary iron and steel products like ingots also dropped last month by 13.62pc while pig iron, Spiegel and sponge iron reduced by 38.85pc and iron bars, angles and profiles by 0.06pc on an annual basis.




Brazilian imports of copper ore and concentrates decreased by 64.12pc in June to 10,654mt from 29,698mt in the same month last year, while refined copper imports rose by 209.32pc, to 23,163mt from 7,488mt in the same period.


Imports of iron and steel products increased by 38.5pc, to 43,024mt last month from 31,065mt in June 2020 while iron and steel bars, angles, and profiles imports grew over five times to 112,225mt from 9,995mt in the same timeframe.

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