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Brazilian imports of ferrous scrap surged to 37,518mt in March from 1,000mt a year ago, according to the latest figures from the country’s ministry of economy. The average price of imported scrap rose to $446.7/mt in March, from $358.5/mt in the prior year period. 


However, Brazilian exports of ferrous scrap fell by 69.5pc to 22,245mt in March, from 72,914mt in the same month the prior year. Iron ore and concentrates shipments climbed by 34pc to 28.4mn mt from 21.2mn mt in the same period under comparison. Exports of copper ores and concentrates climbed by 150.64c to 123,794mt in March from 49,425mt in the same month of 2020. Aluminum ores and concentrates exports rose by 22.7pc to 473,250mt in March, from 385,590mt a year ago.  


Shipments of nickel ores and concentrates, on the other hand, declined to 9,931mt in March, from 10,922mt shipped in the same month of 2020. Exports of manufactured iron and steel such as bars, bars, angles, and profiles increased by 28.7pc to 117,092mt in March, from 90,946mt. Manufactured aluminum exports fell to 23,999mt in March from 31,127mt in March 2020.



Imports of iron ore and concentrates declined to 53,774mt in March, from 54,184mt in the same month 2020, and imports of aluminum ores and concentrates  went down to 494mt in March, from 1,239mt in March 2020.


Imports of iron and steel bars, bars, angles, and profiles rose by 272.4pc to 89,713mt in March, from 24,085mt. The South American country imported 26,867mt products manufactured of copper in March, up from 21,350mt in March 2020. Imports of lead products increased to 10,990mt in March, from 4,694mt in March 2020. Also, Brazil imported 23,322mt of flat-rolled products of alloy steel products in March, up from 29,222mt in the same month the prior year.


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