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Canada has imposed a preliminary antidumping duty (AD) on rebar exporters from Russia and Oman, for selling the material at less than fair value in the country. 


The Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) indicated in a notification on Friday that 8pc of Canada’s imported rebar came from Oman and 5.9pc from Russia from June 2020 to November 2020. Imports of the material from other countries totaled 86.1pc during this period. 


CBSA calculated an estimated AD of 8pc on rebar from Oman and 45pc from Russia after preliminarily determining on Mar 4 that the two countries were dumping their goods into Canada and therefore affecting the domestic industry. 


In September last year, Canada was investigating rebar imports from Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. While these countries were under investigation, rebar imports from Oman and Russia surged, which turned the CBSA’s attention to the two countries. Based on this information, the agency began investigating rebar exported from Russia and Oman in December 2020. 


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