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Canada’s ferrous scrap exports increased by 4pc in 2020 to 4.5mn mt from 4.35mn mt in 2019, according to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). 


In December 2020, ferrous exports from the country rose by 35pc to 497,471mt from 367,976mt in the same month of 2019 and rose from 493,784mt in November 2020.


The US remained a key importer of Canadian ferrous scrap last year with a 7pc increase to 3.17mn mt compared to 2.97mn mt imported in 2019. In December last year, the US imported 323,108mt of ferrous scrap up 24pc from 260,269mt in December 2019 but down by 3pc from 334,758mt in November 2020. 


Turkey was the second-highest scrap imported from Canada though shipments to that destination declined by 39pc drop to 274,865mt in 2020 from 448,273mt in 2019. The country’s scrap imports in December, however, doubled to 50,000mt from the same month in 2019 and from November 2020. 


Taiwan’s scrap import from Canada declined by 6pc in 2020 to 173,355mt compared to 184,768mt in the previous year. In December 2020, CBSA noted scrap import from the Asian country dropped by 6pc to 19,648mt from 20,959mt in December 2019 but rose by 26pc from 15,600mt in the previous month. 


In 2020, Canada’s scrap exports to India increased by 8pc to 164,861mt compared to 152,057mt in 2019. India’s ferrous scrap import in December last year grew by 44pc to 19,996mt compared to 13,875 mt in December 2019 and by 41pc from 14,232mt in the previous month. 

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