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Canadian ferrous scrap exports in July surged by 49.82pc (167,013mt) to 502,191mt from 335,178mt in July 2020. In the first seven months of 2021, (Jan-July), ferrous scrap exports from Canada increased by 11.04pc to around 2.60mn mt from 2.34mn mt. 


Canada ferrous scrap exports to the US increased by 27pc in July to 310,776mt from 245,439mt in July 2020 and by 1pc from 307,453mt in June, this year. 


Ferrous scrap exports to Turkey increased by 254pc to 116,780mt from 33,000mt in the prior-year period by 160pc from 45,000mt in the previous month. 


Canada exported 27,558mt of ferrous scrap to Germany in July, an increase of 23,058pc from 119mt in July 2020 and by 4,947pc from 546mt in the prior month. 

Canada Ferrous Scrap Export July 21
Importing CountryJul-21Jun-21% M-o-MJul-20% Y-o-Y
United States          3,10,776           3,07,453 1%          2,45,439 27%
Turkey          1,16,780              45,000 160%             33,000 254%
Germany             27,558                    546 4947%                   119 23058%
India             13,309              20,267 -34%             14,041 100%
Pakistan             12,604                 8,307 52%                5,260 140%

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