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China issued a second batch of import quotas for the first quarter of 2020, allowing imports of 26,566mt copper scrap and 7,544mt of aluminium scrap into the country. The scrap import quotas were announced by China’s solid waste management agency on Jan 8. 


Most copper companies permitted to import copper scrap in the second quota, are located in the Tianjin-Xingang port area with an allocation of 9,790mt, followed by Beilun-Ningbo Port region with 7,486 and Shanghai-Waigaoqiao port region 4,160mt. No delivery period is specified in the second import quota.


List of copper scrap import allowances.

Company nameImport quota (mt)
Tianjin Xinneng Renewable Resources 4,680
Dacheng County Hongya Renewable Resources Utilization1,160
Taizhou Jinxuan Metal1,620
Anhui Chujiang Technology New Materials2,420
Qingyuan Huaren Hardware Plastic1,050


For aluminium, Liaoning Chengyi Metal Material received the largest quota with a total scrap import allowance of 2,120mt.


Chinese authorities issued the first quota of scrap imports for the first quarter of 2020 on Dec 23. This additional allocation of a small quota is aimed to help manufacturers secure raw material, amid a supply shortage due to quota restrictions. Authorities have also completed the review of classification standards for solid waste and are expected to remove high-grade recyclable metal scrap from solid-waste category, ahead of the total ban on solid-waste import by the end of 2020.

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