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The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) has submitted comments to the Government of China on the latter’s draft VB/T standards for “recycled steel raw materials.”


In its comments, ISRI commended the Chinese government for developing import standards for “recycled steel raw materials,” saying that the institute hoped the comments will “ensure appropriate compliance with the standards and the continued import of recycled raw materials for use by manufacturers in China.”


ISRI also suggested clarity on recycling operations as well as aligning the Chinese standards codes with ISRI’s specification codes to ensure proper compliance with the regulation set out in the draft standards.


Giving its insights on the shredding section of the draft, ISRI said that “crushing” and “shredding” were very different operations; “crushing does not adequately explain shredding, and therefore the institute recommended that the definition for shredding be modified to: “A highly mechanized process of fragmentizing automobiles, appliances, scrap steel, and other large recyclable materials into smaller, usable recycled commodities.”


Commenting on the definition of Processing methods ISRI said, “For the processing methods diagramed in figures 1-6, we are confused by the first stage being called “wool.” This is not a common term in the global steel industry and causes confusion as to what are acceptable starting points for “recycled steel raw materials.” We recommend using the term “steel scrap” instead.” 


Click here to read the full text of ISRI’s comments.

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