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In September, China’s non-ferrous metal smelting and processing industry grew by 9.0pc and 3.5pc, respectively, from Sept 2019 according to the National Bureau of Statistics.


The mining output of ten non-ferrous metals stood at 5.32mn mt, up by 7.3pc from the prior-year period, while primary aluminium production rose by 7.9pc to 3.16mn mt in Sept 2020 from the prior-year period.


Among other industries, the general equipment manufacturing industry, special equipment manufacturing industry, and automobile manufacturing industry grew by 12.5, 8.0, and 16.4pc. Industries like railways, shipbuilding, aerospace, and other transportation equipment registered a growth of 3.9pc. Electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing and production of computers, communication & other electronic equipment increased by 15.9 and 8.0pc, respectively. Production and distribution of electric power, heat, and water increased by 4.2pc.


Automobile production in the month was 2.46mn, an increase of 13.8pc, including 136,000 new energy vehicles which increased by 51.1pc from the prior-year period.


The value-added mining industry increased by 2.2pc from the prior year, and over 0.6pc from Aug 2020. The production in the manufacturing industry increased by 7.6pc and 1.6pc from Aug 2020.





Absolute Value








10 Kinds Of Nonferrous Metals 5.32mn mt7.3pc45.18mn mt3.5pc

Primary Aluminium 

(Electrolytic Aluminium) 


3.16mn mt7.9pc27.45mn mt2.8pc






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