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China announced new standards for imports of high-grade copper and aluminium scrap on Jan 19. The standards reclassify metal scrap as a resource permitting its import into the country after China restricted solid waste imports with an intention to reduce it to zero by the end of 2020. The new standards will come into effect from July 1, 2020.


Traders worldwide are waiting to see how new standards for high-grade copper and aluminum scrap from China’s market regulator affects their shipments to the country.


China, the world’s largest scrap consumer, introduced the measures in a bid to mitigate environmental damage. The minimum copper content for copper scrap No. 3, like bare bright copper wire, is down to 94pc. Such high copper content is consistent with upwards of 99pc of copper scrap used in the market. Importing other grades of copper that have lower low copper content is still permitted, as determined by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, which will support copper refineries’ efforts to refill feedstock.


The minimum content requirement for aluminum and aluminum alloy is 100pc recycled aluminum ingots, 98p aluminum castings, and 91pc aluminum blocks. 


Categorisation of copperNameCodeMetal Recovery %Copper Content %
Copper wirebare brightRCu-1A9899.9
#1 copper wireRCu-1B9799
#2 copper wireRCu-1C9499
Copper processing material#1 copper materialRCu-2A9799.9
#2 copper materialRCu-2B9499
#3 copper materialRCu-2C9296
Copper nodules#1 copper noduleRCu-3A9999.9
#2 copper noduleRCu-3B9799
#3 copper noduleRCu-3C9594
Copper flakeswater-washed copper flakeRCu-4A9497
Copper turnings#1 copper turningRCu-4B9897


Categorisation of 


Aluminium &                Aluminum Alloy ContentMetal Content %Metal Recovery %
Aluminium castings≥98≥99.3≥95
Recycled aluminium ingots100100≥97
Aluminium blocks≥91≥99.1≥92


Categorisation of


NameCodeBrass %Metal Recovery %Chemical Composition
Yellow brassyellow brassRCuZn-1A98.597600.08Remainder
brass wireRCuZn-1B98.595600.08Remainder
White plated brassbrass platesRCuZn-29895.5570.5Remainder
Brass pipespipeRCuZn-3A98.596.5600.08Remainder
condenser tubeRCuZn-3B98.596.5690.05Remainder
Mixed brassred copperRCuZn-4A97.895.8753.5Remainder
#1 brass shavingsRCuZn-4B95.591.5564Remainder
mixed yellow brassRCuZn-4C9590564Remainder

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