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The National Development and Reform Commission announced the data stating that the output of ten non-ferrous metals increased by 11pc in H1, 2021 from the prior-year period. 


In H1, 2021, the Chinese national output of 10 non-ferrous metal was 32.55mn mt, up by 11pc from the prior-year period, with the growth rate up by 8.1 basis points from the prior year. 


The copper output was 5.15mn mt, up by 12.2pc from a year go and with the growth rate of 7.6 basis points from the prior-year period. 


The output of electrolytic aluminium was 19.64mn mt, an increase of 10.1pc from a year ago and the growth rate up by 8.4 basis points. 


In H1, the production of lead was 3.61mn mt, an increase of 20.9pc from the prior period, with a growth rate of 16.5 basis points from the prior-year period. 


Production of zinc rose to 3.27mn mt, up by 5pc from a year ago, while alumina output increased to 39.28mn mt, an increase of 11pc from the prior-year period.

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