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Recent Chinese customs statistics demonstrated that copper and aluminum imports increased in the first nine months of the year.


Copper and aluminum imports to China during the period increased by 15.3pc and 31.5pc to $34.7bn and $5.9bn, respectively. These imports were valued at $5.4bn and $926mn last month. Exports of the two metals were valued at $4.4bn and $17.5bn, respectively, in the first nine months of 2020, down by 13.4pc and 10.4pc from the prior year. In September, these exports were each worth $528mn and $2.2bn.


In January-September, exports of nickel, lead, and zinc totaled $424mn, $33mn, and $18mn, respectively. Nickel exports went up by 19.7pc while lead and zinc declined by 16.6pc and by 19pc, respectively, over the prior-year period. In September, the same exports were worth $27mn, $6.5mn, and $17mn, respectively. 


Chinese imports of nickel, zinc, and lead in the first nine months of 2020 were worth $2.9bn, $93mn, and $1.2bn, reflecting negative trends of 31.6, 70, and 20pc over the prior year. In September, these imports were worth $440mn, $11mn, and $201mn. 

The actual volumes of the metals traded were not disclosed by the customs release. 

(in $mn)      
CategoryExportImportVariation in YTD (in pc) 
Base MetalsJul-20YTD 2020  Jul-20YTD 2020  ExportsImports

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