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Turkish automaker Ford Otosan slashed production due to semiconductor chip’s shortage. 


The company will halt production at its northwestern facility in Kocaeli for six days from April 3. Manufacturing of some parts requires use of semiconductors that are imported. Auto plants in Kocaeli have the highest capacity to produce commercial vehicles in Europe — around 440,000 units.


The company stated that production and sales of vehicles will not affect its 2021 target as focus is to re-arrange production lines and minimize the effects of microchip scarcity. Other Turkish manufacturers that have halted production of certain units are Tofaş and Oyak Renault. 


Ford Otosan has a total production capacity of 455,000 units and is the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in Turkey’s auto sector. 


Semiconductor shortage hit the auto industry towards the end of 2020 but it intensified after Renesas Electronics — which accounts for 30pc of the total chips — was hit with fire and the extent of damage was more extensive than it was first assessed. 

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