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The Colombian government has implemented a ceiling on exports of ferrous, copper, aluminum, and lead scrap until March 2021 to ensure the availability of material for domestic consumption.


According to information from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism or (Mcit), export quotas of 28,404mt on foundry scraps of iron or steel and waste ingots of iron or steel have been sanctioned. The corresponding HS code are 7204.10.00.00, 7204.21.00.00, 7204.29.00.00, 7204.30.00.00, 7204.41.00.00, and 7204.49.00.00.Sanctions have also been made for 38.675mt for copper, aluminum, and lead scrap exports under the following HS codes 7404.00.00.10, 7404.00.00.90,7503.00.00.00,7602.00.00.00, 7802.00.00.00, and 7902.00.00.00.


Colombia’s iron ore and steel exports increased by 8.6pc to 16,230mt in July of this year, from 14,944mt in the same month last year, according to the latest figures released by Colombia’s National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane). Exports of copper rose by 4.5pc to 3,469mt in July 2020, from 3,320mt in the same month of 2019, and shipments of aluminum also increased by 9.7pc to 6,836mt in the same period under comparison. Steel output dropped by 4.3pc to 110,000mt in August on an annual basis, from 115,000mt produced in August 2019.


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