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Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN) increased its steel sales volume by 28pc to 1.28mn mt in Q2 2021 compared with 1mn mt in the same year-ago quarter. Sales in the Brazilian market were 70pc at 896,000mt and 30pc in the export market with sales at 381,000mt. The domestic volume sales grew by 46pc in Q2 2021 against the same quarter as the country recuperated from the COVID-19 slowdown last year. 


Iron sales rose by 18pc to 9.11mn mt in Q2 2020 against the year-ago quarter, with 87pc sold to foreign markets and only 1.17mn mt consumed domestically. Mineração increased iron ore production by 40pc to 10.5mn mt of iron ore in Q2 2021 compared to 7.5mn mt in the same year-ago quarter.


CSN consolidated net revenues rose by 1.5 times to BRL15.4bn ($3.04bn) in Q2 2020 compared to BRL6.2bn in the same year-ago quarter and up 29pc against the preceding quarter. Net revenue was 52.9pc from the steel segment and 47.8pc from mining and logistics. 


Adjusted EBITDA was BRL2.7bn from steelmaking and BRL 5.1bn from Mineração. Net income for the consolidated firm was almost 10 times higher at BRL5.5bn in Q2 2021 against 445.9mn the same year-ago period. 




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