Davis Index: Market Intelligence for the Global Metals and Recycled Materials Markets

Davis Index has launched the world’s only
market intelligence publication built solely for the metals recycling
industry. The service was made available to the public in late February. The service
includes more than 900 proprietary price indexes for 80 countries, as well as
metals futures prices and other reference data. It is the only platform to
cover so many countries along with hyper-local coverage of markets in the US,
UK, Germany, Spain, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, South Korea, and


“In terms of depth and breadth of coverage, accuracy, cost, and
functionality, Davis Index is in every sense a disruptor,” said Sean
Davidson, founder and CEO, Davis Index. “Existing services are frequently
inaccurate and consistently overpriced. The recycling industry needed a tool
that represents the materials they actually trade—a tool that it can access
and use in its efforts to preserve and improve margin. Davis Index is that
asset. This is the price information service that the industry has waited 30
years for.”


Davis Index’s main focus is to provide accurate price indexes for
free-market scrap metal and secondary alloys that are not listed on exchanges
but drive global trade. The service includes indexes for ferrous and
nonferrous scrap, bulk and container freight, and secondary alloys. For some
specific countries the service indexes finished and semi-finished steel. Each
price index follows IOSCO compliance guidelines.


Davis Index’s proprietary indexes are built for a variety of users,

Manufacturers: For use in sales contracts for the scrap generated while making any metal-intensive product from fencing to cars and from hammers to

– Recyclers: For use to enter supply contracts with mills and smelters

– Mills and smelters: For use to enter supply contracts with end consumers,
such as die-casters and auto OEMs

– Importers, exporters, and traders: Users to stay informed on markets in the
various countries they are active in

– Governments: For use in tax and duty benchmarking

– Equity analysts: For use in margin analysis


Davis Index publishes nearly 800 metals price indexes on a weekly basis, 90
daily indexes, and more than 100 monthly indexes. Data is available through a
highly customizable web platform, www.DavisIndex.com, and through twice-daily
reports: Davis Index Recycling Asia, and Davis Index Recycling Global. Both
reports and access to the web platform are currently offered at $799 USD per
year, per user. The fee also includes functional licenses to use the data in
contracts. The Davis Index platform was
first announced at select recycling industry events earlier in February. The
Davis Index Recycling Asia service debuted during the Material Recycling
Association of India’s annual convention in New Delhi, India on February 9. Less than a week later, the Davis Index Recycling Global service
debuted during the Washington, D.C.-based Institute of Scrap Recycling
Industries’ Consumers’ Night in St Louis, Missouri on February 14.


Davis Index is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Canada, India,
Mexico, Singapore, Ukraine, and the USA. For more information, visit



Davis Index is an independent market analysis organisation with nearly 50
full-time staff members. The team comprises former steel mill and recycling executives, trade analysts,
and journalists that underwent rigorous training in 2019 to specialize in
covering and indexing recycling trade.

Davis Index data can be used by the recycling industry to manage risk through
OTC hedging tools and exchange-listed cash-settled contracts. The company is
funded by private equity and its founder and CEO, Sean Davidson.


At the start of this
decade, Sean reinvigorated scrap coverage across the Metal Bulletin Group as
global editor of raw materials at American Metal Market (AMM), Metal Bulletin
(MB) and Steel First, based out of New York. During his time at AMM/MB, Sean
spearheaded the launch of America’s first scrap futures contract: The
ferrous scrap busheling contract on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

In 2015, Sean moved to Houston to build and launch Argus Metal Prices as its
global editor, a role he exited in early 2019. Prior to his roles at AMM/MB
and Argus, Sean served different journalistic and entrepreneurial roles in the
United Kingdom, Middle East, and India. His career has spanned print, online,
television, recreation, hospitality, and technology.

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