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German steel plate maker Dillinger will supply 99,000mt of thermo-mechanically rolled heavy plates to the United Kingdom’s (UK) offshore wind farm project Hornsea One, as per the company release on Oct 20. Hornsea One has a capacity of 1.2 gigawatts. 

The steel plate supplied by Dillinger will be used for the monopile foundation structures of the wind turbines and its thicknesses ranges from 30 to 90 millimeters. The producer is supplying steel for projects related to energy transition and climate reversal. Various applications for steel, in addition to offshore wind power, include onshore wind power, hydraulic steel structures and steels for ambitious infrastructure projects.


The wind farm is located at 120 km (74 miles) off the east coast of England. The park contains a total of 174, 7-megawatt wind turbines and covers an area of 407 sq km – an area larger than the island nation of Malta.


Dillinger CEO Tim Hartmann called on politicians to set out a framework for steel production during the energy transition.”This includes reliable policy conditions such as a fair framework for foreign trade, support for the transformation to carbon-free steel production, and enough green energy at competitive prices,” he said.


As per reports in October European steel late prices rose, however, were still trailing behind other flat steel products. 

The requirement for such projects could grow to as high as 5 mn mt of steel in the coming days. Though the industry is suffering from economic uncertainty and COVID-19 impact, there are many potential green steelmaking projects in the near future. European plate prices showed growth of €30/mt since mid-June.


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