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The UK-headquartered global recycler European Metal Recycling (EMR), was forced to cut 250 jobs, or about 20pc of its workforce in 2020, due to the significant effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the company’s business.


During the peak of shutdowns, EMR’s supply volumes were cut down to 20pc of its normal levels with current volumes now close to 70pc of typical amounts, according to media reports. Recovery is expected in the UK this year although reduced volumes will likely continue through 2021 as key improvements gradually emerge.


During the lockdown, in addition to staff cuts, the recycler maintained reduced operations at all UK locations not including a South Coast facility and its Bedfordshire site where metal recycling was shut down.


EMR employs more than 1,000 workers in the UK and recycles about 10mn mt of scrap material per year. The recycler’s main UK port in Liverpool processes more than 1mn mt of scrap annually. 


The company also operates in Europe and the US and processes iron and steel ferrous grades as well as aluminum, brass, copper, lead, and stainless non-ferrous steel grades.


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