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Industrial prices in April declined by 2pc on a monthly basis in the euro area and by 1.9pc in the EU, according to Eurostat.


Using 2015 as a baseline, industrial prices in March decreased by 1.5pc in the euro area and by 1.4pc in the EU from a month earlier, while industrial producer prices in April dropped by 4.5pc annually in the euro area and by 4.3pc in the EU. 


Industrial prices in the EU in April decreased by 7.1pc in the energy sector compared to the same month in 2019, by 0.6pc for intermediate goods, and by 0.2pc for non-durable consumer goods. However, prices rose by 0.1pc for durable consumer goods and by 0.2pc for capital goods during the period. The largest industrial producer price declines in April were recorded in Lithuania, which fell by 3.6pc; Italy declined by 3.4; Spain decreased by 3pc; and France fell by 2.9pc. The UK, which is part of the euro area, recorded a 3.1pc decrease in April from a month earlier, and by 7.8pc from April 2019. In April, Germany recorded a decrease of only 0.6pc from the previous month, but declined by 1.5pc from April 2019.


On an annual basis in April, industrial producer prices in the EU declined by 16.1pc in the energy sector and by 2.5pc for intermediate goods, while prices rose by 1.2pc for capital goods, by 1.4pc for durable consumer goods, and by 2pc for non-durable consumer goods. The largest industrial producer price decreases on an annual basis in April occurred in Lithuania, which fell by 10.3%, in Greece, which decreased by 9.4pc, and in Denmark, which recorded a 8.7pc decline.


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