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The European Commission has recently started an investigation to determine whether to impose tariffs on imports of cold-rolled flat stainless steel from India and Indonesia. After initiating an expiry review of AD measures on imports of stainless steel cold-rolled flat products originating from China and Taiwan. Now the commission looks into similar cases of products from India and Indonesia. Most EU producers claim that cold-rolled flat products are arriving in Europe at unfairly low prices from these Asian markets.  


European steel association, Eurofer has received an anti-dumping complaint from on behalf of producers. Eurofer members comprise more than 25pc of EU production. According to European producers, raw material prices in India and Indonesian are low due to export restrictions, which helps SS producers to offer their finished products at lower prices. 


Chromium and nickel are two key ingredients used in the making of stainless steel. In India chromium ore and in Indonesia, nickel ore exports are restricted. Upon investigation, if the commission concludes dumping charges against the two countries, it is expected to impose AD duties within eight months. Definitive duties are typically levied for five years.


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