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The Eurasian Economic Commission (EAEC) has proposed to extend an anti-dumping (AD) duty on a number of seamless steel pipes imported into the Eurasian Economic Union originating from China, the commission informed in a statement on March 4, 2021.

The commission has proposed to extend the anti-dumping measure for another five years with the rate ranging between 12.23pc to 31pc of the customs value, depending on the manufacturer. Seamless steel pipes are usually used for the drilling and operation of oil and gas wells.

EAEC’s Department of Internal Market Protection had notified the results of the repeated anti-dumping investigation in connection with the expiration of the anti-dumping measure in relation to seamless steel pipes. The report contains the main findings of the repeated anti-dumping investigation.

The commission said that given the insufficient economic recovery in the metallurgical sector, a large volume of Chinese seamless steel pipe imports at less prices will lead to a deterioration in the production, economic and financial indicators of domestic producers and affect the overall market in the region. Hence, it has proposed to extend the anti-dumping duty.

The anti-dumping duty was levied in August 2015 after an investigation conducted in 2014-15. A re-investigation regarding the same began in May 2020 after consideration of applications by PNTZ, ChTPZ, VTZ, STZ, TMZ, SinTZ, TMK-Kaztrubprom. On August 11, 2020, the anti-dumping measure was extended until May 12, 2021.

The Eurasian Economic Union includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, and the Russian Federation.

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