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European Aluminium (EA) has appealed the European Commission (EC) to give their automotive sector a push which could drive demand for metals including aluminium, copper and steel among others. The association which last week presented an action plan states around 36pc of aluminium produced is used in the auto sector. Around 180kg or 12pc of a car’s total weight comprises of aluminium. 

Investing in charging and refuelling infrastructure for EVs

Europe has been moving towards a sustainable mobility system with a focus on EVs. These vehicles largely use aluminium for its lower weight. To boost sales of EVs, the association appeals for a pilot initiative aimed at establishing 1mn charging and refuelling points for all-electric vehicles across the European Union. The project will also include establishing high power charging and hydrogen refuelling stations for heavy-duty vehicles. Such infrastructural development could resurrect the auto sector, therefore, channelising economic recovery. 

Vehicle Renewal Programme

EA has urged for the introduction of premium for scrappage and recycling of old cars. This will incentivise the sales of both, internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE)s and electric vehicles. 

The swift reopening of type-approval authorities

With the type-approval authorities working for reduced hours or offices remaining closed, several car manufactures were unable to launch new vehicles in the market. The reopening of such authorities will cut down delays in checks for the regulatory requirements of these vehicles.

European aluminium thus requests reopening and resuming full functions of these type approval authorities. 


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