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A Superior Court ruling on October 3, 2019, has ordered the license reinstatement of Excel Recycling, located in Freetown Massachusetts. 


After receiving complaints from residents about noise and emissions coming from Excel’s scrap metal processing plant, Freetown’s Board of Selectmen denied its license renewal on December 5, 2018. 


In 2015 Excel began its operations after receiving approvals and permits for their metal shredder and associated equipment. The company addressed initial complaints from neighbors by investing in a plan to install noise mitigating additions, advised by expert engineers. 


Based on tested results and scientific evidence, Excel demonstrated they were compliant with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s guidelines. The recycler argued that this evidence was previously ignored and that continuing complaints of noise coming from their facility resulted in denial of their license renewal.


The October 3, 2019 Court Hearing accepted Excel’s argument that they are in compliance and have scientific evidence as proof. There is no valid evidence, currently, to prove otherwise.  However, the town is not satisfied and feel the disagreement is not over. 


Residents have complained since 2016 about noise, odor, and operating hours of the facility. The board has not stated whether there will be an appeal, which will be discussed in an executive session Monday, October 21. 


Additional legal actions between the two parties are pending, including the recycler’s claim for monetary damages. Despite lost money, Excel’s main goal is to develop good relationships with their community.

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