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Forum Energy Metals is commencing drilling at its Love Lake nickel-copper-platinum group metals (PGM) project in northeastern Saskatchewan, Canada. The project is located about 60km northeast of Forum’s Janice Lake Rio Tinto copper joint venture. The company has three metal projects being drilled in 2021 along with major partners Rio Tinto and Orano in the Saskatchewan region. 


In May 2021, the company announced that a survey identified a target on the Korvin Grid at a depth of 170 meters for drilling. The first pit at Korvin Lakes is planned for a depth of 500 meters with successive drilling planned after additional electromagnetic probes are performed. 


Forum plans to also conduct high-frequency MaxMin Horizontal Loop electromagnetic surveys and drilling over regions drilled previously. Korvin Creek was drilled for copper mineralization in 1968 and What Lake was last drilled in 2000 for Nickel-Copper-PGM mineralization. Forum geologists believe that drilling in 2000 was drilled in the wrong direction and mineral reserves were missed. 


The drilling at What Lake found copper grading at 0.43pc and nickel grading at 0.23pc apart from other precious metals, while Korvin Creek showed copper at 0.23pc at 31.7 meters and 0.29pc at 36.6 meters.


Forum purchased 32,075 acres over the Love Lake Complex in the Peter Lake Domain in 2019. Peter Lake Domain is second to Duluth Complex around Minnesota in regards to mineral resources. According to Forum copper, nickel and other minerals have been uncovered in the region but obtained inadequate examination. 

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