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Hindustan Zinc (HZL) has indicated that galvanized steel consumption within the construction industry will increase in India as the country shifts to wide-ranging advancements in infrastructure that include increased use of light gauge steel.


According to media reports, Arun Mishra, chief executive officer, HZL said in a webinar on Friday that India is headed towards extensive developments that will lead to increased use of galvanized steel, particularly in manufacturing.


The webinar, per reports, discussed the most critical topics related to the construction industry and the viability of alternative solutions such as the use of light gauge steel framing.


Dr. Shailesh K. Agrawal, a government official commenting during the webinar, said that India was among the largest growing economies and its construction segment is evolving into the world’s third-largest, with the potential to reach $750bn by 2022.  

Galvanized steel is sheet metal treated with a layer of zinc to make the final product resistant to corrosion. Using light gauge steel framing that has been coated in zinc makes the product more durable and protects against deterioration, which produces safer steel that requires less upkeep.


To prepare for upcoming infrastructure developments, it is important to use proper expertise in construction, Mishra said, together with galvanization of steel to extend product life while protecting public safety through regular use of these formations.


Light gauge steel construction uses the latest technology to advance manufacturing activities by about 200pc so that more, low-cost and eco-friendly structures can be built. The method uses cold-formed steel segments that are molded at room temperature.

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