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Germany’s exports of ferrous, stainless steel and aluminium scrap dropped by 5-9pc in Jan 2020, while the exports of copper scrap inched up by 3pc, according to Davis Index analysis.


Ferrous scrap exports

Germany exported 613,600mt ferrous scrap in Jan 2020, down by 9pc from 675,683mt in Jan 2019. Exports in January dropped from 670,467mt in Dec 2019. In Jan 2020, Netherlands was the largest importer from Germany at 141,083mt or 23pc share followed by Belgium, Italy and Luxembourg with 102,677mt, 73,051mt and 63,244mt respectively.  


Stainless steel scrap exports

Germany, the largest stainless steel scrap exporter in the world, shipped 86,244mt of stainless steel scrap in Jan 2020, down by 5,252mt or 5.7pc from a year ago. Belgium continued to be the top importer, and imported 37,841mt of stainless steel scrap from Germany, down by 3.75pc from a year ago. Shipments from Germany to the Netherlands also dropped to 11,312mt from 16,378mt in the prior-year period. Finland’s imports of stainless steel scrap from Germany, however, rose by 128.5pc to 9,143mt.


Aluminium scrap exports

Germany exported 77,928mt of aluminium scrap in Jan 2020, down by 6.5pc from a year ago. Italy continued to be the top importer, and imported 13,963mt of aluminium scrap, down by 6.3pc from a year ago. Austria was the second-largest importer, and imported 10,586mt, down by 5.5pc from a year ago, followed by Poland which imported 7,806mt of aluminium scrap from Germany, down by 30pc from Jan 2019. Germany is the second largest exporter of aluminium scrap in the world.


Copper scrap exports

Germany exported 35,390mt of copper scrap in Jan 2020, marginally up by 3pc from the prior-year period. The top three importing countries were the Netherlands, Belgium and India which imported 4,644mt, 4,387mt and 3,918mt of copper scrap, respectively. Imports from the top three importing countries in Jan 2019, however, dropped. China was the top importer of copper scrap from Germany in Jan 2019, and imported 6,281mt. Imports fell by 41.7pc to 3,659mt in Jan 2020 after China restricted scrap import by levying quotas.

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