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Global alumina production rose by 5.7pc in November to 11.38mn mt from 11.27mn mt in the same month last year, according to the International Aluminium Institute (IAI). 



China continued to lead production at 6mn mt, up 6.4pc from 5.7mn mt in November 2019. In the rest of Asia as well, alumina volumes increased by 23pc to 1mn mt against 847,000mt in the same period under comparison. 



Alumina production in North America fell by 5pc to 227,000mt last month over 239,000mt in last November. In South America as well, output fell by 2pc tallying at 980,000mt compared with 1mn mt during the same period.



In November, West Europe produced 3.6pc more alumina at 456,000mt over 440,000mt a year ago. Output in East and Central Europe also rose 5.5pc to 402,000mt against 381,000mt in the same month last year. 



The region comprising of Australia and its neighboring islands produced 1.8mn mt of alumina in November, up 6pc from 1.7mn mt in November 2019. Estimated production in the rest of the world declined by 14pc to 426,000mt over 488,000mt in the prior-year period. 

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