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In July-Sep quarter (Q3), the global alumina production rose marginally by 0.36pc to 33.38mn mt from 33.26mn mt in the prior-year period, according to International Aluminium Institute’s data.

In September, the global alumina production was reported to be 10.71mn mt, down by 1.12pc from 10.83mn mt in the prior-year period and 6.02pc from 11.40mn mt in August 2020

China’s alumina output remained unchanged at 5.85mn mt from the prior-year period but was 3.22pc less than 6.05mn mt in August. 

In Q3, China’s output was at 17.81mn mt, up by 3.87pc from previous quarter but down 1pc from same period last year.

Oceania region produced 1.69mn mt in Sep 2020, up by 4.95pc compared to prior-year month but down 5.51pc compared to August this year. 

In Q3, Oceania produced 5.26mn mt, up by 5.28pc from the same period last year, down by 0.67pc from 5.29mn mt in Q2. 

In Africa and Asia, alumina production in Sep was 998,000mt, up by 21.70pc from same month last year but down from 1.05mn mt in August. In Q3, Africa and Asia produced 3.14mn mt, up from 2.51mn mt in the prior-year period.

In Q3, South America produced 2.65mn mt alumina, down from 2.96mn mt in the prior-year period. North America produced 668,000mt, down from 766,000mt in Q3 2019.

West Europe produced 1.39mn mt of alumina in Q3 2020, down from 1.45mn mt in the prior-year period. 


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