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Global alumina production rose to 11.695mn mt in June 2021, up by 6.14pc from 10.990mn mt in June 2020, while down by 4.26pc from the prior month production of 12.21mn mt.


In Q2 (April-June), global alumina production rose to 35.62 mn mt from 33.04mn mt in the prior-year period. Alumina production in West Europe fell by 1pc to 473,000mt in June, while the other six regions showed a rise in production from June 2020.


Compared to May 2020, alumina production in June declined in South America, East and Central Europe, China, Africa and Asia, and Oceania. 


Global alumina production in June 2021 and Q2 2021
RegionJun-21Jun-20Change YoYMay-21Change MoMQ2 2021Q2 2020 Change QoQ
North America225,000mt223,000mt1%218,000mt3%652,000mt647,000mt1%
South America1.01mn mt978,000mt3%1.10mn mt-9%3.19mn mt3.01mn mt6%
West Europe473,000mt478,000mt-1%467,000mt1%1.38mn mt1.14mn mt17%
East and Central Europe375,000mt358,000mt5%425,000mt-13%1.19mn mt1.11mn mt7%
China6.34mn mt5.78mn mt9%6.56mn mt-3%19.20mn mt17.26mn mt10%
Africa and Asia1.06mn mt1.01mn mt5%1.13mn mt-7%3.30mn mt3mn mt9%
Oceania1.76mn mt1.73mn mt2%1.86mn mt-6%5.39mn mt5.29mn mt2%

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