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Global aluminium production last month rose by 1pc to 5.45mn mt from 5.41mn mt in July 2019, and increased by 3pc from 5.3mn mt in June, according to the International Aluminium Institute. 


Aluminium production in North America increased by 3pc to 333,000mt in July from 322,000mt in July 2019, and it rose by 1pc from 320,000 a month earlier. Asia, excluding China, however, saw aluminium production decline by 8pc to 343,000mt last month from 372,000mt in July of last year, but it increased by 2pc from 337,000mt in June. 


Aluminium production in China grew by 2pc to 3.1mn mt in July 2020 from 3.06mn mt during the same month a year ago, and increased by 3pc from 3.03mn mt two months ago. Eastern and Central Europe saw a 2pc decline in aluminium output to 349,000mt in July from 356,000mt during July 2019, but production jumped by 3pc from 340,000mt in June of this year. 


Production in Western Europe declined marginally by 1pc to 283,000mt last month from 286,000mt in July of last year, while it increased by 4pc from 273,000mt this past June. South America, however, had a significant decline of 16pc in aluminium production in July to 78,000mt compared to 93,000mt during the same month last year, but saw output rise by 6pc from 73,000mt in June 2020. 


Africa’s aluminium production in July fell by 3pc to 133,000mt from 137,000mt in July 2019, while it rose by 3pc from 130,000mt in June 2020. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) saw a 2pc increase in production in July to 488,000mt from 480,000mt in July of last year, and witnessed a 3pc increase from 474,000mt from June. Oceania’s aluminium production in July increased slightly by 1pc to 164,000mt in July from 162,000my a year ago, but it ticked up by 4pc from 158,000mt a month earlier.

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