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Global building orders fell by 3.72pc from the prior month and the gross tonnage fell by 3.20pc, according to Clarkson’s statistics cited by China Iron and Steel Association (CISA).

Global shipyards’ orders till August 15 stood at 2,848 ships with 70.55mn cgt compared to 2,958 ships and 72.89mn cgt on July 18. 

These include orders of 1,376 ships with 25,775,474cgt with Chinese shipyards. The number of ships accounted for 48.31pc of the global market share, and cgt accounts for 36.53pc of the global. 

Orders with Japanese shipyards amounted to 560 ships or 19.66pc of the global total with 13.32pc or 9,397,440cgt. South Korean shipyards held orders for 401 ships, with a total of 18,981,578cgt. The number of ships accounted for 14.08pc of the global market share, CGT accounted for 26.90pc.


In July 2020, global shipyards delivered 109 new ships with a total of 6,252,245dwt compared to 159 new ships in June 2020, with a total of 10,813,591dwt. The number fell by 31.45pc while the dwt fell by 42.18pc. From the prior year, the number fell by 45.77pc and the deadweight tonnage by 31.74pc.


In July, 31 new orders were signed globally with 740,761cgt, compared to 38 ships and 888,052cgt in the month prior. New orders slid from 90 ships and 1.92mn cgt in July 2019.


In this month, prices for most types of new ships remained unchanged from the previous month, except for handy-type bulk carriers, for which it declined. Prices for Capesize bulk carrier (176,000-180,000dwt), Panamax bulk carrier (75,000-77,000dwt), and Handysize bulk carrier (61,000-63,000dwt) fell by $1mn, $250,000, and $500,000, respectively.


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