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Global steel production increased to 167.9mn mt in June, up by 11.6pc from a year ago. While production in China rose by 1.5pc to 93.9mn mt, according to the World Steel Association (Worldsteel) report.


India’s steel output rose by 21.4pc to 9.4mn mt, followed by Japan with an output of 8.1mn mt, up by 44.4pc from the prior year. The US produced 7.1mn mt, which is also up by 44.4pc.


Estimated production for Russia is around 6.4mn mt, up by 11.4pc, while South Korea’s output was 6mn mt, up by 17.3pc from June 2020.


Germany’s production rose to 3.4mn mt, up by 38.2pc from a year ago, while Turkey produced 3.4mn mt, an increase of 17.9pc.


Brazil produced 3.1mn mt in June, an increase of 45.2pc, and Iran’s estimated production is at 2.5mn mt, up by 1.9pc from the prior year.


On a regional basis, Asia and Oceania produced 122.5mn mt of steel in June, up by 6.4pc from a year ago.


North American countries produced 10.0mn mt steel, up by 45.2pc from a year ago, while South America produced 3.9mn mt, up by 51.3pc.


EU nations produced 13.2mn mt, up 34.7pc, while the Rest of Europe produced 4.3mn mt, up by 21.0pc from June 2020.


CIS countries produced 8.9mn mt steel, up by 9.1pc from a year ago


Steel production in the Middle East rose to 3.6mn mt, up by 9.1pc, while Africa produced 1.5mn mt steel in June, up by 46.9pc from June 2020. 

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