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Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) has partnered with the University of Queensland to produce sustainable graphene aluminum-ion batteries with a greater lifespan and charging speed than lithium-ion batteries. 


The batteries will only contain aluminum and graphene and have thrice the electrons than lithium, thus increasing their energy capacity. Due to its high power density, which is the maximum amount of energy released per battery,  it is often referred to as a hybrid battery supercapacitor. 


Graphene and aluminum can both be reused, thus making the batteries completely recyclable with no risk of fire as in lithium-ion batteries, making them better for the environment, according to GMG. 


Craig Nicol, GMG’s chief executive officer and managing director told Davis Index that the company will initially focus on producing coin cells for small portable electronics, and later move to pouch packs for phone, laptops, and other personal appliances, before making a version of these batteries for electric vehicles and grid storage. 


The company intends to start a sustainable graphene and coin cell battery production facility in Australia after customer validation. Production for coin cells and pouch packs will initially be in the millions range annually. 


Nicol added that testing has already begun with external testing parties and potential customers continuing until the launch. Moreover, initial commercial prototypes for coin cell batteries could be released by the end of this year and pouch packs by the end of 2022.


GMG confirmed that the system has been licensed by the company and is pending patent. 

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