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American Honda, along with its subsidiary Acura, sold 1.3mn units in 2020, 261,382 cars less than the sales in 2019. 


In the US, Honda’s sales were dominated by pickup trucks, which accounted for 796,444 units, down 10pc on an annual basis. On the other hand, the company’s electric vehicle sales rose by 4pc in the past year to 64,792 units. 


In Q4 2020, the Japanese firm sold 366,068 units, falling by 9pc over the same period last year. Of the total sales, Acura accounted for 41,329 units in Q4 2020, short by 7.3pc from Q4 2019. 


Honda CRV was the best-selling model for the eighth straight year, selling 333,502 units in 2020. The Civic model followed with annual sales of 261,255 units. 

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