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Norwegian aluminum producer Hydro has partnered with Nuvosil, a start-up, for an industrial pilot project to test a new low-energy recycling (LER) method, using a screw extrusion press.


LER is expected to lower energy consumption by 90pc while processing aluminum scrap, thus lowering costs and carbon emissions. According to Hydro’s statement on Tuesday, the new project will use two methods of aluminum recycling. The first one will process aluminum alloys scrap from foundry machining and related products like car rims. Under the second method aluminum scrap will be recycled after mixing silicon in solar panel wafers. The project will utilize a screw extrusion press in both methods.


The project has received funding of NOK9.4mn ($1.1mn) in part from Enova, a state-backed firm in Norway. Hydro is also working with research institutes in Germany and Austria for the LER project. Once testing is complete, Hydro plans to implement the technology at its plants in Norway to produce low-carbon extrusion ingots. 

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