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Aluminium scrap imports 

Aluminium scrap imports to India in June increased by 126pc (87,517mt) to 156,843mt from 69,326mt in the prior-year period. 


India aluminium scrap imports from the US increased by 97pc to 42,205mt in June from 21,387mt in the prior-year period, and by 34pc from 31,489mt in the previous month.


Similarly, aluminium scrap imports from UK increased by 145pc to 19,523mt from 7,958mt in the prior year and by 24pc from 15,762mt in the prior month.


Saudi Arabia imported 13,554mt of aluminium scrap to India, an increase of 214pc from 4,315mt in June 2020 and from 10,290mt in May, this year. 

India’s Aluminium scrap imports in June
ExportersJun-21May-21% M-o-MJun-20% Y-o-Y
United States                              42,205              31,489 34%           21,387 97%
United Kingdom                              19,523              15,762 24%             7,958 145%
Saudi Arabia                              13,554              10,290 32%             4,315 214%
Netherland                              11,832                 7,140 66%             2,252 425%
United Arab Emirates                              10,022                 7,785 29%             5,664 77%

Copper scrap imports

Total copper scrap imports to India increased by 42pc (5,904mt) to 19,941mt in June from 14,037mt in the prior-year period. 


Germany was the highest exporter 2,951mt of copper scrap, exported to India., an increase of 46pc from 2,016mt in the prior-year period and of 28pc from 2,308mt in the prior month.


Copper scrap imports from the US declined by 32pc to 2,281mt from 3,359mt June 2020 but was up by 45pc from 1,573mt in May. 


India imported 2,117mt of copper scrap from UK, an increase of 94pc from 1,094mt in the previous year and of 2pc from 2,074mt in the previous month. 

India’s copper scrap imports in June
Exporting CountryJun-21May-21% M-o-MJun-20% Y-o-Y
Germany                           2,951              2,308 28%          2,016 46%
United States                           2,281              1,573 45%          3,359 -32%
United Kingdom                           2,117              2,074 2%          1,094 94%
United Arab Emirates                           1,775              1,587 12%             463 284%
Saudi Arabia                           1,579              2,250 -30%             758 108%

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