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Ferrous scrap imports to Indonesia were at 378,487mt in April, a 154pc increase compared to the previous year and 367pc from the prior month, according to the country’s Customs data. 


In April, Asia-based suppliers from Japan and Singapore were the top exporters of ferrous scrap to Indonesia at 248,936mt, increasing by 1341pc from a year ago and 69,791mt, up by 268pc from a year ago, respectively. Malaysia recorded the largest increase in import volume, a 1999pc increase from 399mt in April 2020 to 8,383mt in April 2021.


Imports from Australia fell by 24pc from March to 11,957mt, a 63pc decrease from a year ago.  

Indonesia’s ferrous scrap imports in April 2021
Unit: mtApr-21Mar-21Change MOMApr-20Change YOY
Hong Kong 23,93523,7911pc16,34246lc
Australia 11,95715,739-24pc32,077-63pc
Malaysia 8,3832,960183pc3991999pc
United Kingdom 2,756434535pc14,798-81pc
United States2,3441,033127pc14,432-84pc

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