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Japan’s exports of aluminum scrap increased 35.4pc in January-May to 167,896mt from 124,043mt in the same timeframe of 2020. In May, these exports rose 23pc to 31,140mt from 25,218mt in May 2020 but fell 25pc from 41,730mt in April.


China was the biggest importer of aluminum scrap from the country with a 92pc increase to 8,127mt in May from 4,227mt in May 2020. South Korea, which was the top importer of aluminum scrap in May 2020, was second, recording a 20pc decrease in cargoes to 7,704mt in May compared to 9,580mt. 


Ferrous Scrap

Ferrous scrap exports from Japan, however, declined by 13.7pc to 3.45mn mt in the first five months of the year from 4mn mt in the same period of 2020. In May, exports rose by 2pc to 699,618mt from 687,059mt in the same month of last year and fell by 21pc from 886,823mt in April. 


Vietnam replaced South Korea as the largest ferrous scrap exporter from Japan with a 68pc increase in shipments to 286,027mt in May compared to 170,679mt in the same month last year. South Korea saw a 20pc increase to 214,110mt from 178,464 within the same time frame. China saw a surge in ferrous scrap imports at 47,454mt in May from 807mt in the same month last year. Malaysia’s imports sunk 75pc to 26,362mt from 103,714mt within the same period. 

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