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Japan’s secondary aluminum output increased by 34.3pc in April 2021 to 71,100mt. The collective secondary aluminum production in the first four months of 2021 rose to 273,100 mt from 247,100mt in the prior year period.


Japan Aluminium Association released data on Aluminium output, shipments, and end-use recently.


Among the semi-fabricated products, production of flat-rolled products gained by 11.2pc to 106,100mt. Production in the Jan-April period stood at 382,600mt, up from 358,700mt in the prior-year period.


Extrusion output rose to 60,800mt in April 2021, up by 5.5pc from the prior-year period. In the first four months, output was at 233,000mt, up from 230,200mt in the prior-year period.


Casting output spiked up by 59.9pc to 34,200mt in April 2021 and the collective output increased by 11.1pc to 322,700mt in Jan-April 2021 from 290,500mt in the prior-year period.

The production of electrical conductors in April rose by 19.3pc to 2,700mt, while in Jan-April it was at 13,300mt, up by 5pc from a year ago.


Output for aluminum foils increased by 13.2pc to 10,900mt in April, and by 14.9pc in Jan-April to 40,200mt.


The production of aluminum windows dropped by 7.1pc to 10,700mt and by 7.6pc in Jan-Apil to 41,700mt.


Aluminum can production showed a marginal gain of 1pc in April to 33,400mt but fell by 1.3pc in Jan-April to 116,200mt.


Domestic shipments of flat-rolled products rose by 9.2pc to 89,300mt in April 2021 from the prior year. In the four months, they to 329,800mt from 320,600mt in the prior-year period, up by 2.9pc.


Similarly, domestic shipments of extruded products increased by 15.9pc to 9,800mt in April and by 18.3pc to 36,900mt from 31,100mt in Jan-April 2020 period.


The Japanese demand for aluminum in terms of end-use increased by 21.3pc to 356,900mt in April from 294,400mt in the prior-year period. In the first four months of 2021, it gained 5.9pc to 13.55mn mt from 12.79mn mt in the Jan-April period in 2020. 

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