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Kloeckner’ has achieved an EBITDA before material effects of €130mn ($) in Q1 2021, on the upper end of the latest guidance for the quarter, and expects earnings between €130-160mn in Q2 2021. The company estimates a significant increase in sales revenue and volumes in the second quarter of 2021. Kloeckner’s targeted revenue is €5.5-6bn for 2021, up 8-18pc from €5.1mn in 2020.


Shipments fell by 5.7pc to 1.3mn mt in Q1 2021 against the same year-ago quarter. 


Shipped sales revenue rose by 5.3pc to €1.5bn in Q1 2021 compared to the same quarter the previous year. Gross profit rose climbed by 36pc to €388mn in Q1 2021 against €285mn in the same quarter the previous year. Gross profit grew by 5.7pc points to 25.4pc in Q1 2021 from 19.7pc in Q1 2020. 


EBITDA including from the sale of closed sites was €141mn in Q1 2021, up a multiple of almost 7 times from €21mn in Q1 2020.

Kloeckner’s net income rose from a loss of €21mn in Q1 2020 to a gain of €86mn in Q1 this year. It was the best quarterly earnings streak in twelve years. 


The proportion of sales generated through its online channel achieved more than 45pc in Q1 2021 compared to 35pc in the same year-ago quarter. 


Large sections of Kloeckner’s sales processes have been digitalized. The Kloeckner Assistant automatically processed about €0.5bn in sales, including €200mn in Q1 2021. Kloeckner Onlineshops has about 65,000 registered customers and over half a million annual log-ins that will support the digital sales structure. 


XOM Materials digital segment rolled out in Latin America and the US in Q1 2021 totaling the value of all products sold via the platform to €150mn in Q1 2021. Digitalization via the Surtsey transformation project is anticipated to contribute €100mn to earnings in 2021.

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